Michael Cancilla receives the B.C. Medtech Award in Biomedical Engineering

BME MEng student, Michael Cancilla, has received the prestigious B.C. Medtech Award in Biomedical Engineering for 2013-14. This award recognizes entrepreneurial achievements by graduate students in Biomedical Engineering at UBC and is awarded to students who have demonstrated both strong leadership and a high standard of scholarly achievement.

Mike and a team of UBC Biomedical Engineers worked with surgeons at both Vancouver General Hospital and Mulago Hospital in Uganda to develop a sterile drill cover, which allows the surgeons in Mulago to safely use a regular power drill ($150) in the place of a high quality surgical power drill ($30,000) during orthopaedic trauma surgeries. Using sustainable business practices, they want to put these drill covers in the hands of more surgeons in developing countries who need them, ensuring the proper training and ownership accompanies the product so it can be used effectively. More info on the project at www.drillcover.com.

Congratulations Mike for your achievements!

Mike Cancilla1