Faculty Members

Faculty Members

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Name Department Email Type Research Cluster
Abolmaesumi, Purang Electrical & Computer Engineering purang@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Abugharbieh, Rafeef Electrical & Computer Engineering rafeef@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Baldwin, Sue Chemical & Biological Engineering sue.baldwin@ubc.ca Regular RC5
Bamji, Shernaz Cellular & Physiological Sciences shernaz.bamji@ubc.ca Joint
Borisoff, Jaimie Occupational Science and Therapy, BCIT Jaimie_Borisoff@bcit.ca Associate
Bowen, Bruce D. Chemical & Biological Engineering bowen@chbe.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Chan, Anthony BCIT anthony_chan@bcit.ca Affiliate
Cheung, Karen C. Electrical & Computer Engineering kcheung@ece.ubc.ca Joint RC2
Chiao, Mu Mechanical Engineering muchiao@mech.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Chrostowski, Lukas Electrical & Computer Engineering lukasc@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Cripton, Peter D. Mechanical Engineering cripton@mech.ubc.ca Joint RC3,RC4
D’Entremont, Agnes Mechanical Engineering agnes.dentremont@mech.ubc.ca Associate RC3
Dumont, Guy Electrical & Computer Engineering guyd@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2,RC5
Eaves, Connie Medical Genetics ceaves@bccrc.ca Joint
Fels, Sidney Electrical & Computer Engineering ssfels@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Feng, James Chemical & Biological Engineering jfeng@chbe.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Fernlund, Göran Materials Engineering goran.fernlund@ubc.ca Regular RC3
Ford, Nancy Faculty of Dentistry nlford@dentistry.ubc.ca Associate RC1
Gopaluni, Bhushan Chemical & Biological Engineering gopaluni@chbe.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Görges, Matthias Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, & Therapeutics mgorges@cw.bc.ca Associate
Grecov, Dana Mechanical Engineering dgrecov@mech.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Grecu, Cristian Electrical & Computer Engineering grecuc@ece.ubc.ca Regular
Guy, Pierre Department of Orthopedics pierre.guy@ubc.ca Clinical
Haas, Kurt Cellular & Physiological Sciences kurt.haas@ubc.ca Joint
Hansen, Carl Physics and Astronomy chansen@phas.ubc.ca Associate RC5
Hatzikiriakos, Savvas Chemical & Biological Engineering savvas.hatzi@ubc.ca Regular RC5
Haynes, Charles Chemical & Biological Engineering israels@chbe.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Hodgson, Antony J. Mechanical Engineering ahodgson@mech.ubc.ca Joint RC1,RC3,RC4
Holsti, Liisa Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy liisa.holsti@ubc.ca Allied Health
Hoodless, Pamela Medical Genetics hoodless@bccrc.ca Joint
Ibey, Andrew Providence Health Care aibey@providencehealth.bc.ca Affiliate
Ivanov, André Electrical & Computer Engineering ivanov@ece.ubc.ca Regular
Jaggi, Bruno Bruno_Jaggi@bcit.ca Affiliate
Kastrup, Christian Michael Smith Laboratories ckastrup@msl.ubc.ca Associate
Kieffer, Tim Cellular & Physiological Sciences tim.kieffer@ubc.ca Joint
Kim, Keekyoung  UBC-O School of Engineering keekyoung.kim@ubc.ca  Regular (UBC-O)  RC2, RC3
Ko, Frank K. Materials Engineering frank.ko@ubc.ca Regular RC2, RC3
Krishnamurthy, Vikram Electrical & Computer Engineering vikramk@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Krebs, Claudia Cellular & Physiological Sciences claudia.krebs@ubc.ca Affiliate
Lane, Pierre BC Cancer Research Centre plane@bccrc.ca Associate RC1, RC2
Lee, Tim Dermatology and Skin Science tlee@bccrc.ca Associate
Levings, Megan Surgery megan.levings@ubc.ca Joint
Lynn, Francis Surgery francis.lynn@ubc.ca Joint
Ma, Hongshen Mechanical Engineering hongma@mech.ubc.ca Joint RC2
Madden, John D.W. Electrical & Computer Engineering jmadden@ece.ubc.ca  Regular RC2
Marziali, Andre Physics and Astronomy andre@phas.ubc.ca Associate
Mason,Barry Cellular & Physiological Sciences barry.mason@ubc.ca Associate
McKeown,Martin  Neurology & Director, Pacific Parkinson’s Research Centre martin.mckeown@ubc.ca Associate
Milner, Ruth Biostatistics ramilner@mail.ubc.ca Affiliate
Mohammadi, Hadi Mechanical Engineering (UBC-O) hadi.mohammadi@ubc.ca Regular (UBC-O)
Moradi,Mehdi Electrical & Computer Engineering moradi@ece.ubc.ca Regular
Nabi, Ivan Robert Cellular & Physiological Sciences ivan.robert.nabi@ubc.ca Joint
McNagny, Kelly Medical Genetics kelly@brc.ubc.ca Joint
Oxland, Thomas R. Mechanical Engineering Regular RC3
Phani, Srikantha Mechanical Engineering srikanth@mech.ubc.ca Regular RC3
Piret, James M. Chemical & Biological Engineering jpiret@chbe.ubc.ca Regular RC5
Poursartip, Anoush Materials Engineering anoush.poursartip@ubc.ca Regular RC3
Rohling, Robert Electrical & Computer Engineering rohling@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Roskelley, Calvin Cellular & Physiological Sciences calvin.roskelley@ubc.ca Joint
Rossi, Fabio Medical Genetics fabio@brc.ubc.ca Joint
Salcudean, Tim Electrical & Computer Engineering tims@ece.ubc.ca Joint RC1
Servati, Peyman Electrical & Computer Engineering peymans@ece.ubc.ca Regular
Stocco, Leo Electrical & Computer Engineering leos@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Stoeber, Boris Electrical & Computer Engineering boriss@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Takahata, Kenichi Electrical & Computer Engineering takahata@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Tam, Roger Radiology roger@msmri.medicine.ubc.ca Associate
Tang, Shuo Electrical & Computer Engineering tang@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Troczynski, Tom Materials Engineering tom.troczynski@ubc.ca Regular RC3
Turner, Robin Electrical & Computer Engineering robint@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Underhill, T. Michael Cellular & Physiological Sciences t.michael.underhill@ubc.ca Joint
Van der Loos, Mike Mechanical Engineering vdl@mech.ubc.ca Regular RC4
Walus, Konrad Electrical & Computer Engineering konradw@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC2
Wang, Rizhi Materials Engineering Rizhi.Wang@ubc.ca Joint RC3
Wang, Z. Jane Electrical & Computer Engineering zjanew@ece.ubc.ca Joint RC2
Ward, Rabab Kreidieh Electrical & Computer Engineering rababw@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Wilson, David R. Mechanical Engineering Regular RC3
Woo, Emile Surgery emile.woo@ubc.ca Clinical
Wu, Lyndia Mechanical Engineering lwu@mech.ubc.ca Regular
Yadav, Vikramaditya Chemical & Biological Engineering vikramaditya.yadav@ubc.ca Joint
Yan, Joseph Electrical & Computer Engineering josephy@ece.ubc.ca Regular RC1
Zandstra, Peter Chemical & Biological Engineering/Medical Genetics peter.zandstra@msl.ubc.ca Joint

Affiliation Types

The graduate program in Biomedical Engineering at UBC is a faculty-wide program supported by four departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Materials Engineering and Chemical and Biological Engineering. Five kinds of faculty membership are available:  Regular, Clinical, Allied Health, Associate and Affiliate.  All faculty members are entitled to participate in all BME program activities and to play a role either in supervising or mentoring BME graduate students with approval from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, as outlined in more detail below.



Grad Student Admission and Supervision Rights

Appointment Duration


PhD in BME related field

Joint appointment in School of Biomedical Engineering

Admit and serve as primary supervisor

As long as eligible


PhD in Engineering;

Appointment (Regular or Adjunct) in one of the four sponsoring departments at UBC

Admit and serve as primary supervisor

Adjuncts require G+PS approval*

As long as eligible

Regular (UBC-O)

PhD in Engineering

Appointment (Regular or Adjunct) in the School of Engineering at UBC Okanagan

Admit and serve as primary supervisor with G+PS approval*

Co-supervise with G+PS approval*

As long as eligible

Clinical or Allied Health

Clinical or Allied Health professor appointment (primary or adjunct) at UBC or elsewhere, if collaborating with a Regular or Associate faculty member

Co-supervise with G+PS approval*

As long as eligible


Hold a PhD and a research position in a BME-related but non-clinical field (e.g., engineering, physics, computer science, kinesiology) at UBC or elsewhere (e.g., SFU, NRC)

Admit and serve as principal supervisor

Regular faculty member must co-supervise

Non-UBC and some UBC require G+PS approval*

Status reviewed and renewable every three years


Faculty members at UBC or elsewhere whose disciplinary background is related to BME and who play a role in delivering BME program activities (instruction or otherwise)

May supervise MEng internship projects

May supervise MEng internship projects

Not eligible to supervise or co-supervise MASc or PhD students

As long as eligible

*To determine your status in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, or to get permission to supervise/co-supervise a student, please contact admin@bme.ubc.ca.