Support BME

The University of British Columbia Biomedical Engineering Program is a multidisciplinary program that involves the application of engineering techniques and technologies to medical and healthcare areas.

Administered by the Faculty of Applied Science, the program offers advanced study and research leading to a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering.

The program is designed to provide students with a balanced training in the life sciences, clinical practice and biomedical engineering.  A graduate from the program will be able to apply engineering principles and design in solving problems related to human health.

As a new program in financial need, UBC Biomedical Engineering is seeking support from progressively minded industry partners and individuals to:

  • Provide student support
  • Strengthen education and research
  • Develop infrastructure

Such support will allow us to continue to provide the educational opportunities and research growth needed by the Canadian healthcare system and industry.

Together with your support we can build the workforce of expertise, technology and applications that will meet the medical needs of current and future generations.

How you can help

The Biomedical Engineering Program has the support of the Faculty, the university community and private donors. We now invite industry and our community to join us in supporting this valuable Biomedical Engineering Program at UBC.

The Faculty of Applied Science has identified three priority areas that need your support:

  1. Enriching the Student Experience
    New programs like Biomedical Engineering do not have the customary support structures that established programs enjoy. Thus, to ensure that students receive the highest level of engineering education possible, the Faculty of Applied Science has identified the following student initiatives to support:

    • Lecture Series
    • Student Travel Fund and Internship Fund
    • Annual Industry Mentorship Event
    • Academic and Entrance Scholarships
    • Internship and Co-op Opportunities

    A contribution to support our students will help establish the means to ensure the students of Biomedical Engineering develop the engineering expertise and professional skills to succeed in their future careers.

  2. Recruiting and Recognizing Outstanding Faculty
    To attract and retain an esteemed engineering faculty and to provide them with the necessary teaching and research support as well as the prestige such appointments entail, the Faculty has the following initiatives:

    • Endowed Professorships
    • Endowed Chairs
    • Term Professorships
    • Term Chairs

    Your contribution to support excellence in teaching and research will ensure the Biomedical Engineering Program has the necessary faculty and expertise to benefit and advance the healthcare practices of the province.

  3. Enhancing Physical Infrastructure
    In order to recruit talented individuals, retain their expertise, educate and train the next generation of biomedical engineers and continue our tradition of research and educational success, the Faculty requires high-quality facilities. Our goals are to provide:

    • Project rooms and classrooms
    • Laboratories
    • Modern and sophisticated equipment

    An investment in infrastructure will yield immediate and long-term benefits to students, research and subsequently the biomedical industry and greater community.

Recognition Opportunities

The Faculty of Applied Science and the University of British Columbia offer a wide variety of recognition opportunities and benefits to donors. We would be pleased to work with you to create a recognition plan that is tailored to your needs and wishes. Recognition opportunities could include – but are not limited to – naming, publicity plans and recognition events.

Ways of Giving

There are many ways for individuals and industry to make a financial contribution to Biomedical Engineering at UBC. For more information about contributing to Biomedical Engineering at UBC, please contact us.

Dr. Peter Zandstra

Director of the School of Biomedical Engineering
Faculty of Applied Science
The University of British Columbia

Darya Sawycky

Associate Director
Faculty of Applied Science
The University of British Columbia
Telephone: 604.827.0081