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Our momentum is palpable. Established in 2017, we are founded through partnerships with more than 20 joint faculty members that are leaders in research areas from molecular and cellular engineering, to biological imaging, computational biology and human interfacing devices. With access to world-leading research infrastructure, and with close partnerships with our research intensive hospitals and local industry, the School aims to provide a clear route from the discovery of new fundamental biomedical technologies to their innovative application and development to benefit human health.

For students, building on our long-standing Biomedical Engineering Program, we are broadening access to our graduate education opportunities and offering a new undergraduate program. Our curriculum is based on the philosophy that future leaders in BME will benefit from a rigorous grounding in fundamental biology combined with in-depth engineering design and computational foundations. We have over 100 graduate students in our program and have welcomed our first cohort of undergraduate BME students in September 2018. As a flagship program at UBC we are attracting the best and brightest students, and providing them with innovative programs (such as Engineers-in-Scrubs, research rotations and study-abroad) that will prepare them for the rapidly expanding opportunities available in the Biomedical Engineering space.

Finally, the School also aims to be an important catalyst in helping innovative technology reach application in our local communities, and as a foundation for the development of a broad range of biomedical technologies that we hope will underpin the industry leaders of tomorrow. Our involvement in programs such as the Creative Destruction Lab Health stream and e@UBC will help to ensure our students and faculty have the resources and expertise available to accomplish this goal.

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