Safety Committee

SBME Safety

Safe facilities. Safe culture. Safe workspaces.
It comes first and it’s our responsibility to each other.

Committee Membership 2020-21

Introducing our Safety Committee:

Rupid Dhesi (he/him/his) | Co-Chair & Staff Rep
Nozomu Yachie (he/him/his) | Co-Chair & Faculty Rep
Carla Zimmerman (she/her/hers) | Tech Rep
Eric Lyall | Undergraduate Rep
Jessica Yu (she/her/hers) | Staff Rep
Krista Ranta | Tech Rep
Rina Sakata | Graduate Rep
Robyn Newell |
Faculty Rep
Rohit Singla (he/him/his) | Graduate Rep

Umar Ali | Undergraduate Rep

Wilder Scott | Postdoc/RA Rep


View the SBME Safety Committee Terms of Reference:

Safety at SBME

The SBME Safety Committee is a dedicated advisory group working on behalf of the two parent Faculty Join Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSCs) to improve occupational health and safety in workplaces within its ecosystem. The SBME Safety Comittee has a mandate
to advise, assist and make recommendations on local procedures, which will improve health, safety and personal security of all workers (faculty, students, staff, and visitors).

We will provide support in the identification of hazards in the workplace (ex: research laboratories, teaching laboratories, offices, and etc.) by primarily focusing on inspections, incident/accident investigations and the development of safety initiatives in their area of responsibility.

SBME Safety’s Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and functions of the Committee include:

  • Participating in, discussing, and reviewing investigations within their work areas.
  • Conducting, discussing, and reviewing workplace inspections.
  • Identifying situations that may be unhealthy or unsafe for workers and advising on effective systems for responding to these situations.
  • Consulting with workers and managerial staff on issues related to occupational health and safety.
  • Making recommendations to supervisory staff around health and safety improvements and local educational programs, and monitoring the effectiveness of those programs.
  • Providing recommendations on health and safety related issues beyond the scope of the Committee to the Faculty of Applied Science and Faculty of Medicine JOHSCs.
  • Providing local guidance to workers and supervisory staff on WorkSafeBC regulations, all applicable Provincial and Federal Safety Legislation, and UBC’s own safety policies and procedures.
  • Advising the JOHSC on any proposed changes to the workplace or work processes that may affect the health and safety of workers.
  • Reviewing and carrying out recommendations provided by the JOHSC.
  • Addressing health and safety complaints from workers only after the worker has discussed these with their Supervisor.