Visual Identity

SBME Style Guide and Logo

SBME Unit Signature

The SBME follows the same colour palette and font styling as UBC’s Brand Guidelines. You can view and download these assets by clicking the links under UBC Resources.

We encourage funded principal investigators, trainees in SBME laboratories, student teams and our institutional, industrial and hospital partners to publicly acknowledge SBME, as appropriate, in professional publications, presentations, conference materials or other communications. All iterations of the SBME Unit Signature are downloadable below.

If you’re unsure how to visually incorporate the SBME Unit Signature in relevant communications material, please contact the SBME Communications Team.

Principal investigators, trainees and student teams should also remember to acknowledge any relevant affiliated/associated units, institutions and partners in communications assets. Contact representatives from these units to request visual identity packages.

Citing SBME in Writing

Formal: School of Biomedical Engineering, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Informal: UBC’s School of Biomedical Engineering | SBME | SBME@UBC


Below you’ll find downloadable versions of our three unit signatures. Each package includes both CMYK and RGB packets in Blue, Black and White iterations.


The SBME Standard Signature includes UBC crest, unit wordmark and parent Faculties. It should be used in most applications so long as space allows for clear legibility.


The SBME Promo Signature puts the school name in bolder and larger font. Best used for marketing purposes when the school itself is the focal point of advertising, event sponsorship, or video title cards.


The SBME Narrow Signature is a less formal version of the primary signature. It should only be used in instances where there are severe space restrictions, such as on narrow web ads or pull-up banners.


Not sure which logo to use? Have questions about SBME communications? Reach out! We’re excited to hear from you.