Strategic Plan

Transforming health and healthcare for all

The UBC School of Biomedical Engineering envisions a future where biological and engineering fundamentals are applied seamlessly to the discovery, design, and development of transformative technological solutions to improve patient health and healthcare.

A robust interdisciplinary pipeline enables these solutions across biological scales from molecular structures and cells, to tissue and whole‑body engineering. The biomedical engineering research, education, and translational efforts we are embarking on will yield inventions and innovations which impact society at the individual, population, and system levels—locally, nationally, and internationally.

We are proud to present our strategic plan for achieving these ambitious goals.

Our Vision

Transforming health care outcomes through unconstrained exploration of the best possible integrative solutions across engineering, medicine, and biology

Our Mission

To be a nexus for education, innovation, and research, catalyzing the development of new technologies and knowledge to improve health outcomes, accessibility, and system performance.

Our Values

These five values underpin all SBME activities, interactions, and decisions. They act as a our guiding compass as well as a lens through which to view the work of the SBME and all its members.


We strive to look beyond traditional structures and organizing mechanisms and work across boundaries in engineering, medicine, and biology.


In pursuit of health as a fundamental human right, we strive to do exceptional, robust and meaningful work individually, collectively across the SBME, and in partnerships at local, national, or global levels.


We are strong allies for diversity and inclusiveness in all aspects of the SBME, embracing different experiences and opinions in pursuit of broadly accessible solutions.


We work together in a spirit of respect knowing that a collective coordinated effort is more likely to achieve improved health outcomes. We bring unique value to all our partnerships and are a community umbrella for translational medicine.


Our understanding and appreciation of the wonders of biology and engineering serve as our foundation. We then apply ingenuity and inventiveness in search of transformative solutions.