Get started with UBC Workday

Workday is UBC’s new Human Resources and Faculty Management System.
This cloud-based platform will replace the current Peoplesoft system as of 2 November 2020.
This page offers you all the resources you’ll need for the transition to Workday.

The Benefits

Workday can be accessed from anywhere so long as you have an internet connection and a device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, it’s all good). This means no more paper forms required! While many SBME staff won’t need to interact much with the system beyond vacation requests and downloading T4s come tax time, managers and faculty supervisors will be using this system far more frequently.

Get started below!

The Key Changes

There will be a lot of changes as we switch over our systems and processes. Here are some of the bigger ones to look out for:

Workday Resources


If you are a staff member with grant PG signing authority, you should have received an IRP invitation to a “Workday Budget Owner” training session, If not, please contact your admin director. 

Otherwise: Let’s go!

For Faculty and Staff:

For PIs and Managers with support staff:

Submitting expense claims:

Reconciling credit card charges, foreign currency exchange, international travel, per diems, delegating expense reports:

Ordering Supplies:

Useful Links

Job Aids & Guides

These quick reference guides give you all the help you need to get the most out of Workday.

Important Deadlines

There are key data transfers and Workday system updates on the way. Track them here.

Workday Definitions

View and download this slide for the new terms and naming conventions of Workday. 

Webinar Schedule

To help you prepare for go-live, check out available self-directed training courses and webinars.

Events & Demos

Check out all the upcoming IRP-hosted events and demos to stay up to speed on Workday.

Workday FAQ

Here is a beginner’s FAQ on Workday to provide you with more information heading into go-live.

Readiness Checklist

This Manager Readiness Checklist helps you and your teams prepare for go-live and understand key actions you will need to take on Day 1 of go-live.

Conversion Tool

New software, new codes. Workday uses Worktags instead of PGs. This tool helps you to convert FMS codes to Workday codes and vice versa.

Searchable Q&A

The Workday team has created an ever-growing, searchable Q&A. As more people complete training and questions come in, the Q&A will expand.

Sign up for training

Log in to Canvas to view the Workday training in which you’re enrolled. Once enrolled you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to Canvas as well.


If you have any questions at all about the new system, which training to sign up for, or how this might impact your day-to-day please reach out.