APSC Anti-Racism Speaker Series: Anthonia Ogundele

This session is part of UBC Applied Sciences’ Anti-Racism Speaker Series.

The Anti-Racism Dialogue Series invited Indigenous, Black and Persons of Colour (IBPOC) to speak on anti-racism with context around how colonial institutions have impacted the lived experiences of IBPOC communities, ranging from broader oppressive systems (including academia and professional industries) to interpersonal relationships (such as microaggressions). Our hope is that these conversation will inspire attendees to critically self-reflect and to commit to anti-racism within their own daily lives as well.



Anthonia Ogundele

Founder and Executive Director  |  Ethos Lab Educational Society


Anthonia Ogundele is the Founder and Executive Director of Ethos Lab Educational Society, a non-profit STEM and culture-focused Innovation Academy for youth ages 13-18 that provides access to emerging technologies, culture, and a community of innovators.

In 2016, Anthonia founded the Hogan’s Alley Land Trust (adjacent to Northeast False Creek), which evolved into the Hogan’s Alley Society through a merger with the Hogan’s Alley Memorial Project.

Ms. Ogundele was recently honoured with the City of Vancouver’s Black History Month Community Leader Award.


For more information and to register, visit UBC APSC’s event page.