CTLT Workshop— Identity Matters: Connecting Power, Privilege and Bias to Anti-Racism Work

This workshop has been designed for instructors who are interested in joining conversations about anti-racism and looking for an entry point to their learning journey. This session introduces fundamental concepts such as power, privilege, and positionally, which are essential for understanding racism or developing anti-racist teaching practices.

The goal of this session is that participants develop a basic knowledge base about power and privilege, and its application to racism. As such, this session is not going to delve into “how to teach” with the ideas such as inclusion, equity, and anti-racism. If you already have this knowledge base, this session may not meet your expectations, and we recommend you to consider taking one of the more advanced Anti-Racist Teaching Workshops. If you have the knowledge base and still would like to engage in conversations with other participants, you are more than welcome to join the session.

For details and to register, visit the CTLT event page.