EIO Anti-Racist Teaching Workshop— Identifying and Responding to Harmful Phrases

UBC Equity & Inclusion Office presents:

Identifying and Responding to Harmful Phrases


This webinar is part of the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office’s “Anti-Racist Teaching Series“.

This interactive and practice-based workshop provides a deep dive into common phrases that can further marginalize or exclude BIPOC learners. Using micro-aggressions research and practical tools, facilitators will guide learners through small group activities that interrogate specific harmful phrases, their roots, analogous or similar phrases, and antidotes for / responses to them. Ultimately, the aim of this workshop is to equip educators with the ability to recognize and interrupt harmful phrases or thought patterns.


  • Kari Grain, Analyst, Experiential and Integrated Learning, CTLT
  • Emily Clare, Equity Facilitator, Equity and Inclusion Office

To register for this webinar, visit UBC EIO’s event page.