Equity & Inclusion workshop: Anti-Blackness after 2020: Invisibility, hyper-visibility, & mental health

The UBC Equity & Inclusion Office is excited to present another Through the Lens series, a series of interactive workshops exploring how different identities intersect, navigate, and experience UBC while offering practical ideas on creating a more inclusive campus.

This UBC Equity & Inclusion Office workshop, facilitated by registered clinical counsellor Sacha Médiné, will explore the experience of Blackness, and the toll of anti-Blackness, in the aftermath of events in 2020. This was a year that featured a rapid move from the longstanding invisibilization of anti-Blackness to a hyper-visibility and newfound focus in response to the global Black Lives Matter uprising. Participants will be invited to explore the impacts of—and responses of Black folks to—these dynamics. Participants will also engage with their own participation in, or resistance to, ongoing anti-Blackness in its new context.


To learn more and register for this workshop, visit the EIO’s event page.