MSL Plant Bioengineering Faculty Search Series: Dr. Xue Pan


Dr. Xue Pan

Center for Plant Cell Biology
Institute of Integrated Genome Biology
Department of Botany and Plant Sciences
University of California at Riverside

This seminar will be presented in a hybrid format. All speakers will be delivering talks in person at the MSL Lecture Theatre (room 102). Audience members are welcome to attend either in person or via the zoom link. Those connecting via zoom will be able to ask questions during the Q&A portion using the chat function.

Wednesday, April 6th from 10-11am

Link to register with MSL:

Fundamental and Applied Research on Plant Lipid Metabolism and Signaling”

Plant lipids as energy storage compounds or as integral participants in cell signaling play especially vital roles for plant development and stress adaptation. In addition, plant storage lipids are important renewable sources of nutritional, bioenergy, and industrial applications. Despite clear biological and economic importance of plant lipids, many fundamental questions about their metabolism and signaling functions remain unanswered, impeding improvement of crop yield and functionality. My research program strives to achieve a deeper understanding of plant lipid metabolism and signaling, and ultimately translate research findings into innovative engineering strategies to maximize crop productivity and bio-oil quality in oilseeds. In my seminar, I will mainly focus on some of my most recent work and future research aiming to understand how plant cells use lipids to precisely construct dynamic nano-environment at the plasma membrane to regulate cell signaling. It is anticipated that a better understanding of the role of lipids in membrane signaling holds great promise for developing novel engineering strategies to target membrane nano-organization to improve crop productivity and resilience. This research has significant potential to address current and future challenges in Canada, including agricultural sustainability, renewable energy production, and food security.