SBME Special Talk — Mental Health Matters Community Conversation

Mental Health Matters: an SBME Community Conversation


Mental health matters. Many of us have had struggles with mental health or know someone who does. It’s important that we have respectful dialogue about mental health in settings that are safe and open-minded in order to break down stereotypes and take the stigma away from something that is so important and impacts us all. Our conversations about mental health and wellbeing also aim to look into existing barriers in our healthcare systems and how we can work towards ensuring that comprehensive and effective mental health access is available for all.

This event will close with a moderated Q&A session. We encourage you to interact and contribute your questions.


SBME is dedicated to promoting and supporting wellbeing and mental health. We are pleased to host a conversation on resources to build resilience and experiences in mental health. 

(To request access, email at least four hours prior to the start of the seminar. Due to the nature of this event, late requests may not be accommodated.)

Please note that this event will require authentication— you must sign into a registered Zoom account before you will be able to join the meeting. 

[Update on 2021.05.20] If you received a link for this Zoom meeting prior to May 19, 2021, email for the new meeting details. We have changed the meeting ID, link, and passcode. 

SBME mental health & wellbeing ambassadors:





Daniella D’Amici

Undergraduate student, SBME Biomechanics & Biomaterials stream







Rosalyn Carr

Undergraduate student, SBME Biomedical Informatics stream







Host: Miguel Eichelberger

SBME Communications & Engagement Manager