SBME Presents— Mentorship with Dr. Jennifer Ma & Dr. Nika Shakiba

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SBME Virtual Seminar Series

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Advice to a Scientist: An open-access mentorship initiative by scientists for scientists


Advice to a Scientist (AtaS) is an initiative by scientists for scientists. It was created with the mandate to provide open-access advice-sharing in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) community.

Mentorship is central to the professional growth of scientists at all stages of their career. Yet much of the process of finding and cultivating these crucial relationships relies on serendipity. Students and trainees have to navigate through many challenges such as access to resources and geographical constraints, often not even knowing where to begin.

At this seminar, we will lead a discussion about why mentorship matters, how to build effective mentoring relationships, and the efforts at AtaS that aim to bring open-access, equitable mentorship opportunities and advice to anyone in STEM. Since our inception in 2018, AtaS has launched a website featuring curated review-style articles that synthesize advice on topics relevant to the scientific training and development pipeline. We are continuing to evolve with several other projects in the pipeline and are on the lookout for new team members that have a passion for building a hub where scientists, scientists-to-be, and future scientists can converge.






Dr. Nika Shakiba

Assistant Professor, SBME
Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Advice to a Scientist










Dr. Jennifer Ma

Project Manager and Creative Director, Advice to a Scientist