SBME Virtual Seminar: Alice Casagrande Cesconetto

SBME Seminar Series

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An Introduction to Clinical Engineering


The professions of clinical engineering and biomedical engineering are often confused (several hospitals use the two terms interchangeably). However, while biomedical engineers typically work on medical device design, clinical engineers work collaboratively with physicians, nurses, technologists, and others on projects related to day-to-day hospital operations. Clinical engineers also help optimize healthcare delivery by supporting the proper management, planning, evaluation, analysis, and regulatory compliance of healthcare technology.






Alice Casagrande Cesconetto

Clinical Engineer  |  Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering
EiS Alumni  |  SBME










Dr. Roger Tam

Professor  |  SBME
Director  |  Engineers in Scrubs (EiS)
Associate Professor  | UBC Department of Radiology