SBME Virtual Seminar: Nima Ashjaee & Jordan Shimell

SBME Virtual Seminar Series

(To request access to Zoom details, email prior to the start of the seminar.)

Host: Dr. Calvin Kuo

Trainee Talk 1:

Subject-specific musculoskeletal modeling of the spine using biplanar x-ray images

When:  Thursday September 17 @ 11:00am


The goal of the project is to design a three-dimensional reconstruction method of the spine from biplanar x-rays as a clinically available tool.





Speaker: Nima Ashjaee
PhD candidate, Dr. Sid Fels & Tom Oxland’s Labs






Trainee Talk 2:

When:  Thursday September 17 @ 11:30am

The Role of the X-linked Intellectual Disability Gene, Zdhhc9, in Neuronal Connectivity

We demonstrate that the palmitoylating enzyme Zdhhc9 controls dendritic growth and maintains excitatory/inhibitory synapse balance through distinct substrates. Loss of Zdhhc9 increases network excitability and seizure activity in accordance with Zdhhc9’s association with X-linked intellectual disability and epilepsy.




Speaker: Jordan Shimell
Postdoc, Dr. Shernaz Bamji’s Lab