SBME Virtual Seminar: Lillian Hung & Leili Rohani

SBME Virtual Seminar Series

(Email at least one hour prior to the start of the event for access.)

Talk 1:
“Co-research with users about using technology in aged care”


User involvement is a widely promoted approach in technology healthcare research but little is known about how to it well in aged care. This presentation will highlight examples of robotic studies conducted with frontline clinicians and patient partners at VGH.




Lillian Hung

Assistant Professor, UBC School of Nursing





Trainee Talk 2:
“Combinatorial screening and cell-fate dynamics in stem-cell derived organoids”


Liver organoids derived from human pluripotent stem cells are a promising source for liver cell-based therapy, regenerative medicine, and disease modeling. Using combinatorial screening design of hepatic factors, we have been able to provide a tunable, high-throughput systems enriching precursors EPCAM+ cell populations, mimicking liver microenvironment, and creating complex multi-cellular organoids through induced paracrine signaling.





Leili Rohani

Postdoc, Dr. Zachary Laksman’s Lab








Dr. Jenna Usprech

Assistant Professor of Teaching, SBME