SBME Virtual Seminar— Jeanie Malone & Adrian Tanskanen

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Endoscopic optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence imaging (OCT-AFI) for early cancer detection


Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is the optical analogue of ultrasound, allowing for high resolution volumetric imaging of subsurface tissue structures. OCT can visualize changes such as the thickening of epithelium, loss of basement membrane, increase in nuclear density, or increased scattering indicative of carcinogenesis.

Optical techniques can also provide functional imaging, such as autofluorescence imaging (AFI), which allows for the examination of endogenous fluorophores in tissue. At 450nm excitation, carcinogenesis is correlated with a reduction in tissue autofluorescence, making fluorescence visualization a sensitive screening tool. However, fluorescence alone is not specific to cancer, and can be confounded by structural features such as gaps in tissue from glands or ducts, or other biological processes such as injury.

At the BC Cancer Research Institute, an endoscopic co-registered OCT-AFI system has been developed. This seminar will discuss the principles behind both OCT and AFI, challenges associated with multimodal imaging, and clinical applications of these techniques.







Jeanie Malone

PhD Student, Dr. Pierre Lane’s Lab, SBME









Adrian Tanskanen

PhD Student, Dr. Pierre Lane’s Lab, SBME








Dr. Raquel De Souza

Partnerships Manager, SBME