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Development of a new generation of neurovascular device for the treatment of cerebral aneurysms with complex anatomy


Cerebral aneurysm (CA), is an abnormal dilation of the cerebral arterial wall, which accounts for more than half a million deaths each year worldwide. If not treated, rupture occurs which leads to death or permanent disability.

Flow diverters (FDs) represent the non-invasive method recently developed for the percutaneous treatment of CAs. Typically they do not need coiling (releasing platinum micro-coils within the aneurysm) and act purely to prevent substantial blood flow into the aneurysm, leaving behind stagnated blood within the aneurysm that then thromboses the aneurysm to occlude it.

I am coordinating a collaborative project between Biological Multiphysics Research Lab at UBC and Evasc Neurovascular Enterprises, whose area of expertise is developing novel CA therapies, to develop a novel design for the eCLIPs (Evasc FD). In spite of its advantages over other FDs in the market, there are some shortcomings pertained to eCLIPs’ design, including blood flow leakage through the gap between the device and parent artery in anatomic situations with fusiform-like pathology. Through a stepwise design modification process, and utilizing computational fluid dynamics modeling, we have improved the hemodynamics of eCLIPs by more than 30%. Such improvement is characterized by reduced aneurysm inflow and aneurysm wall shear stress.

We are also in process of developing a numerical platform, using finite element analysis, to simulate the stent crimping and expansion life cycle. Results of this project will lead to the development of a new generation of neurovascular stents for the endovascular treatment of cerebral bifurcation aneurysms, which will increase Canada’s presence as a world leader in healthcare technologies.






Mehdi Jahandardoost

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Grecov Lab  |  SBME










Dr. Manu Madhav

Assistant Professor  |  SBME