SBME Virtual Seminar— Mental Health Matters: Rashmi Prakash

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Mental Health Matters: a Reflection on Mental Wellbeing, Returning to Campus, and Strategies for Wellbeing


Mental health matters. After over a year of an ongoing global pandemic, more of us have had to face mental health head-on, whether it’s having to confront our own wellbeing struggles or finding out that someone we know is on their own, difficult mental health journey.

As we prepare to return to some semblance of in-person campus learning, research, and work, it is important to discuss mental health in this specific context, address stigmas, discuss experiences from our community members, and talk about strategies and resources for where to start exploring your own mental health (and supporting that of others around you).






Rashmi Prakash

Adjunct Professor, SBME
Biomedical Engineer, Libang Surgical Technologies