SBME Virtual Seminar: Marita Rodriguez & Priye Iworima

SBME Virtual Seminar Series

(To request access to Zoom details, email prior to the start of the seminar.)

Host: Dr. Tim Salcudean

Trainee Talk 1:

3D Bioprinted Human Myocardial Tissues for Toxicity Screening Applications

When:  Thursday July 2 @ 11:00am

Current fabrication techniques used to produce engineered heart tissues rely on manual molding techniques and cellular self-organization. This results in heterogeneities from one tissue to another, which is not ideal for high-throughput drug screening platforms. To remedy this, our lab is developing a geometrically well-defined 3D bioprinted heart tissue model.





Speaker: Marita Rodriguez
Postdoc, Dr. Konrad Walus’ Lab





Trainee Talk 2:

Process parameter optimization for the large-scale manufacturing of pluripotent stem cell-derived islet-like clusters

When:  Thursday July 2 @ 11:30am

Type 1 diabetes is characterized by chronic hyperglycemia as a direct result of beta-cell dysfunction and insulin deficiency. Islet transplantation reverses hyperglycemia, however, its widespread use as a form of beta cell replacement therapy is limited by the paucity of cadaveric donor islets and the need for chronic immune suppression. We use a stepwise differentiation protocol to generate insulin-producing cells from stem cells and are optimizing process parameters to permit large scale manufacturing.





Speaker: Priye Iworima
PhD student, Dr. Tim Kieffer’s Lab