SBME Virtual Seminar: Maryam Tayyab & Tiffany Cameron

SBME Virtual Seminar Series

(To request access to Zoom details, email prior to the start of the seminar.)

Host: Dr. Sid Fels

Trainee Talk 1:

Challenges in the Application of Multimodal Deep Learning on Biomedical Images and Medical Data

When:  Thursday July 9 @ 11:00am

Deep learning has been applied to solve increasingly complex problems with various degrees of success. The ability to incorporate multi-modality data to improve prediction tasks in clinical context is a sought after yet a moving target. Medical data from various modalities and sources (images, phenotype, demographics, genotype etc.) has unique properties and distribution. My graduate research focuses on exploring strategies for efficient integration of heterogeneous clinical data for optimizing the clinical prediction tasks.





Speaker: Maryam Tayyab
MASc student, Dr. Roger Tam’ Lab





Trainee Talk 2:

Developing In Vitro models for studying Alzheimer’s Disease

When:  Thursday July 9 @ 11:30am

This work focuses on developing an in vitro microfluidic model, as well as making modifications to a currently-used tissue-engineered model.  These models will provide a gateway for understanding the mechanisms associated with Alzherimer’s Disease.





Speaker: Tiffany Cameron
MASc student, Drs. Cheryl Wellington & Karen Cheung’s Labs