SBME Virtual Seminar: Dr. Sean Wu

SBME Virtual Seminar Series

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Guest Talk:
“Stem Cells at the Cross Roads of Cardiac Development and Tissue Engineering”


Human stem cells have been proposed as a cell source for cardiac repair and regeneration. However, recent clinical cell transplantation studies have demonstrated minimal benefit due to various challenges. To gain greater insights into the biology of cardiac cell generation for tissue engineering applications, we have employed induced pluripotent stem cells and our understanding of cardiac developmental biology principles to generate various types of cardiac cells for disease modeling and potential therapy. We have modelled adult and congenital heart diseases in the dish and applied high throughput screening methods to identify new drugs that can ameliorate disease phenotype in vitro.  We have also incorporated 3D bioprinting approaches to  generating thick, perfusable, contractile cardiac tissues.  It is anticipated that these 3D tissues will provide better modeling of complex multi-cellular disease processes and for cardiac regenerative therapies in the future.





Dr. Sean M. Wu, M.D., Ph.D.

Joan and Sanford I. Weill Scholar and Associate Director;
Stanford Cardiovascular Institute
Associate Professor of Medicine and, by courtesy, Pediatrics;
Stanford University School of Medicine








Dr. Zachary Laksman

Associate Professor, SBME