REDI @ SBME: A Workshop on Inclusion with Dr. Neila Miled & Robyn Campol

Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: A Workshop for the SBME Community

By the end of this session, you will learn to:

  • Acknowledge different manifestations of racism in our everyday lives, education, and work place
  • Identify major concepts related to anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Identify mistreatment in the learning environment and how to report.
  • Develop and discuss different strategies to enhance and promote anti-racism, equity, diversity and inclusion in medical education.
  • Recognize Upstander Engagement Framework
  • Identify strategies to become allies and upstanders.


SBME is for everyone. It’s a welcoming community hub of collaboration for anyone with the courage to transform health and healthcare for all.

Be open. Be curious. Be you.

For more information, visit the SBME REDI Committee page.

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Dr. Neila Miled

Anti-Racism Advisor, Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI), UBC Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Neila Miled brings academic expertise in anti-racism education, first-hand experience with systemically marginalized and under-represented groups and a social justice and equity lens. Neila is responsible for providing advising training and skill building in anti-racism education and developing, implementing and sustaining strategic best practices in equity, diversity, and inclusion to ensure a respectful, safe, equitable and inclusive learning and working environment. In collaboration with the REDI team, she is working towards facilitating and implementing organizational change strategies to create systemic change and foster a more equitable and inclusive environment.



Robyn Campol

Learning Environment Advisor, Office of Respectful Environments, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (REDI), UBC Faculty of Medicine

As the Learning Environment Advisor, Robyn supports the education units to create respectful, inclusive, anti-racist and discrimination-free learning environments in which students feel safe to participate without fear of mistreatment or reprisals. In addition to providing advice and guidance to decision makers Robyn can assist Programs to resolve mistreatment or learning environment concerns through coaching, skill building and education, facilitation and mediation, and by conducting inquiries and investigations.







Dr. Carolina Tropini

Assistant Professor, SBME and Microbiology & Immunology
Member, SBME REDI Committee




Opening remarks from:




Dr. Peter Zandstra

Professor, SBME
Director, SBME
Director, Michael Smith Laboratories
Faculty Rep and Chair, SBME REDI Committee