UBC Webinar— Black Women in the Academy

UBC Events presents:

Black Women in the Academy


This webinar is part of the UBC Events series “Where are all the Black People?: Underrepresentation in the Academy“.

The presence of Blackness in Canadian academia exists on a continuum of underrepresented, significantly underrepresented, to negligible. In light of ‘race and ethnicity’ studies existing in Humanities and Social Sciences, Black academics from this field have been at the forefront of examining the reproduction of racism in academe and making anti-racism calls to action. Rarely present in these conversations are Black academics in other fields, especially the hard sciences and STEM, whose struggles are both unique and overlapping, and who have limited space for contributing to academic activism generally, and the literature on race and racism specifically.

The purpose of this speaker series is to foreground Black voices in fields where Blackness is particularly underrepresented, and provide actionable and measurable strategies to UBC to increase Black representation and Black excellence in these fields. Speakers from Canada and abroad will be highlighted.

Dr. Fynn Bruey and Dr. Daniel will speak from their journey and rich experiences in the academy, offer their insights about the challenges, and share their wisdom on the important topic.






Dr. Veronica Fynn Bruey

Multi-award winner, author, passionate academic-advocate, and innovator








Dr. Juliet Daniel

Professor and Cancer Biologist, Department of Biology,
McMaster University





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