Science and Systemic Racism: Provost’s Speaker Series on Systemic Racism

In the world of science, systemic racism manifests itself in many ways. Addressing systemic racism therefore involves interrogating the fundamental assumptions about what constitutes excellence in scientific scholarship, how the criteria for such excellence is determined, pursued and validated, and how the major institutions support the pursuit of excellence. The current discussions on systemic racism have shone a light on the exclusions that lie beneath these processes and the kind of barriers they pose for racialized members of the academe.

Major institutions and actors involved in the pursuit of scientific scholarship have responded to these discussions in different ways. We invite you to a webinar with the Editor in Chief of Nature Magdalena Skipper and President of the NSERC, Alejandro Adem, where they will discuss some of the approaches they are taking. Our hope is to learn from each other to better understand how we can all work together to support this endeavor.

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