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Research Theme Other Department Affiliation Faculty Rank
Shernaz Bamji Shernaz Bamji


Regenerative Medicine Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Ali Bashashati Ali Bashashati


AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology, Computational Modeling & Automation, Machine Learning in Medicine Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Assistant Professor
Karen Cheung Karen Cheung


Synthetic Biology, AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bionics & Biosensors, Biomaterials Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor
Peter Cripton


AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bionics & Biosensors, Biomechanics/Injury Prevention Mechanical Engineering Professor
Carl de Boer


Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, Synthetic Biology, Computational Modeling, Machine Learning in Medicine Assistant Professor
Connie Eaves


Regenerative Medicine, Immune-Engineering Medical Genetics Professor
Kurt Haas


Regenerative Medicine, AI & Multiscale Imaging Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Antony Hodgson


AI & Multiscale Imaging, Biomechanics/Injury Prevention Mechanical Engineering Professor
Pamela Hoodless


Regenerative Medicine Medical Genetics Professor
Myeong Jin Ju


Functional optical imaging, Computational optics, Adaptive optics, AI and Image analysis, Neurodegeneration biomarker Ophthamology & Visual Sciences Assistant Professor
Tim Kieffer Tim Kieffer


Regenerative Medicine, Therapeutic Delivery & Nanodevices, Biomaterials Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Gabrielle Lam


Biomaterials Materials Engineering Instructor
Megan Levings


Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, Immune-Engineering, Biomaterials Surgery Professor
Francis Lynn


Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology Surgery Associate Professor
Hongshen Ma


Immune-Engineering, AI & Multiscale Imaging, Biomechanics/Injury Prevention Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor
Kelly McNagny


Regenerative Medicine, Immune-Engineering, AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology, Therapeutic Delivery & Nanodevices Medical Genetics Professor
Ivan Robert Nabi


AI & Multiscale Imaging Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Calvin Roskelley


Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Fabio Rossi


Regenerative Medicine, Immune-Engineering, AI & Multiscale Imaging Medical Genetics Professor
Nika Shakiba


Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology, Computational Modelling Assistant Professor
Roger Tam


AI & Multiscale Imaging, Computational Modeling & Automation Radiology Associate Professor
Carolina Tropini


Synthetic Biology, AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology, Computational Modeling, Biomaterials Microbiology & Immunology Assistant Professor
Michael Underhill


Regenerative Medicine, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology Cellular & Physiological Sciences Professor
Jenna Usprech


Cellular Engineering, Biomechanics, Biomaterials Instructor
Jane Z. Wang


AI & Multiscale Imaging, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology, Computational Modeling & Automation Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor
Rizhi Wang


Biomaterials, Biomechanics/Injury Prevention Materials Engineering Professor
Nozomu Yachie


Synthetic Biology, Genetic Engineering, Genome Editing, Computational Biology Associate Professor
Vikramaditya Yadav


Regenerative Medicine, Therapeutic Delivery & Nanodevices Chemical & Biological Engineering Associate Professor
Peter Zandstra


Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, Immune-Engineering, Bioinformatics/Systems Biology Professor and Canada Research Chair in Stem Cell Bioengineering

Associate Members

Associate Membership in the School of Biomedical Engineering is an unofficial position given to a faculty member outside of the school when there is a need to have a formal arrangement to participate in teaching, research and service. This is not a joint appointment. To request membership please see here for more instructions: Associate Membership Application. Each application will be reviewed by the School’s leadership team.

Current Members:

  Faculty Contact Home Department Faculty Rank Research Area
Purang Abolmaesumi purang@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor and Canada Research Chair, Tier II, in Biomedical Engineering Machine learning, medical image analysis, and image-guided therapy
Mattia Bacca mbacca@mech.ubc.ca Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Mathematical and computational modeling of the active mechanical behavior of soft biological materials. Cytoskeletal mechanics, damage mechanics, viscoelastic characterization, puncture mechanics, adhesion and fracture.
Mark Cembrowski mark.cembrowski@ubc.ca Cellular & Physiological Sciences Assistant Professor Experimental, computational, and mathematical approaches to understanding the neuroscience of memory
Mu Chiao muchiao@mech.ubc.ca Mechanical Engineering Professor Fabrication and packaging of micro-electro-mechanical systems for biological applications
Edward Conway ed.conway@ubc.ca Medicine Professor, Canada Research Chair in Endothelial Cell Biology and Director of the Centre for Blood Research Defining the molecular links between coagulation and innate immunity
Leah Edelstein-Keshet keshet@math.ubc.ca Mathematics Professor Mathematical models of cell motility, intracellular signaling and small GTPases, single and collective cell migration.
Sid Fels ssfels@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Human computer interaction, human 3D biomechanical modeling, speech synthesis, medical applications of modeling, computer vision, interactive arts and music
Rafeef Garbi rafeef@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Medical image computing; Computer vision; Image analysis; Machine learning for medical imaging; Biomedical applications
Dana Grecov dgrecov@mech.ubc.ca Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Liquid crystals and nanomaterials; Cellulose Nanocrystals; Biofluid Mechanics; Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Rheology and Tribology
Matthias Gӧrges mgorges@cw.bc.ca Anesthesiology, Pharmacology, & Therapeutics Assistant Professor Patient monitoring alarms, medical displays, decision support systems, mobile health applications, and data integration/communication platforms
Aly Karsan akarsan@bcgsc.ca Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Professor Normal and malignant hematopoiesis, aging and inflammation, epigenomics and stem cell states, clinical genomics
Christian Kastrup ckastrup@msl.ubc.ca Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Associate Professor Biochemical engineering to solve problems related to hemostasis and thrombosis. Investigate, utilize, and mimic the biochemistry and biophysical dynamics of blood coagulation to create innovative materials that perform new functions inside of blood vessels, and work to develop novel treatments for severe hemorrhage
Jay Kizhakkedathu jay@pathology.ubc.ca Pathology Professor Anticoagulation, biodegradable polymers, blood compatible polymers, polymer chemistry and therapeutics, proteomics
Peter Lansdorp plansdor@bccrc.ca Medical Genetics Professor DNA replication, epigenetics and stem cells, telomeres, genomic instability, aging and cancer, genetic analysis using single cell Strand-seq
Tim Lee tlee@bccrc.ca Dermatology and Skin Science Associate Professor Early skin cancer detection and epidemiologic research on skin cancer
John Madden jmadden@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor and Director of the Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory Artificial muscle and application to medical devices, photosynthetic photovoltaics, super-capacitors, batteries, sensors, carbon nanotube devicemusculoskeletal oncology
Bassam Masri bas.masri@vch.ca Orthopaedics Professor and Head Dept of Orthopaedics Adult hip and knee reconstruction and replacement and musculoskeletal oncology
Santa Ono santa.ono@ubc.ca Ophthamology & Visual Sciences; Microbiology & Immunology Professor and UBC President & Vice-Chancellor Immune system, eye inflammation and age-related macular degeneration
Tom Oxland toxland@icord.org Orthopaedics & Mechanical Engineering Professor and Director of ICORD Spinal cord injury, aging spine, orthopaedic implants
Josef Penninger josef.penninger@ubc.ca Medical Genetics Professor, Canada 150 Chair in Functional Genetics and Director of
The Life Sciences Institute
Bone Remodeling, Cancer, Cardiovascular Regeneration, Immunopathology, Neurodegenerative Diseases
James Piret james.piret@ubc.ca Chemical & Biological Engineering Professor Bioprocessing, biomedical, bioreactor and device engineering, bioprocess optimization and cell therapy biotechnology
Lynn Raymond lynn.raymond@ubc.ca Psychiatry Professor Brain synaptic and circuit function, optogenetics, electrophysiology, models of neurodegenerative disease
Robert Rohling rohling@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor and Director of the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems Medical imaging, medical information systems, robotics, ultrasound imaging in both 2D and 3D
Tim Salcudean tims@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor, Canada Research Chair in Intelligent Computer Interface Design and C.A. Laszlo Chair in Biomedical Engineering Medical robotics, image-guided interventions, medical image analysis including cancer classification, ultrasound, elastography, teleoperation.
Peyman Servati peymans@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Smart textile and wearable technology, flexible electronics, flexible solar cells and batteries, advanced nanomaterials
Kenichi Takahata takahata@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor and Canada Research Chair in Advanced Micro/Nanofabrication and MEMS Micromachined sensors and actuators, MEMS, implantable micro devices, micro-scale wireless sensing/control, 3-D micro fabrication techniques, micro electrodischarge machining and control
Mike Van der Loos vdl@mech.ubc.ca Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Inherently safe design of mobile manipulation robotic systems, Development and testing of mechatronic exercise systems for stroke therapy, Development of robotic tools for improved understanding and treatment of human balance disorders, Exploration of ethical design principles for robot interfaces and neurotechnologies.
Konrad Walus konradw@ece.ubc.ca Electrical & Computer Engineering Professor Nanoelectronic devices and circuits, quantum-dot cellular automata, single-electron transistors, quantum mechanical simulations
Cheryl Wellington cheryl.wellington@ubc.ca Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Professor Genetic and environmental risk factors for dementia, including apolipoprotein E (apoE) metabolism, history of traumatic brain injury (TBI), and cerebrovascular dysfunction
David Wilson david.wilson@ubc.ca  Orthopaedics Professor Hip, knee and spine mechanics, causes and treatments of osteoarthritis, medical imaging and medical image processing, orthopaedic sports medicine
Lyndia Wu lwu@mech.ubc.ca Mechanical Engineering Assistant Professor Injury biomechanics, soft tissue biomechanics, traumatic brain injury, sleep biomechanics, sensors and instrumentation, data mining and machine learning

  Faculty Contact Home Institute Faculty Rank Research Area
Freda Miller fredam@sickkids.ca University of Toronto & Hospital for Sick Children Professor and Canada Research Chair in Developmental Neurobiology & Senior Scientist Neural stem cells, neurotrophin regulation of neuronal survival, growth and connectivity, role of p53 family in the nervous system, molecular regulation of neurogenesis
Stephanie Willerth willerth@uvic.ca University of Victoria Associate Professor and Canada Research in Biomedical Engineering Tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, biomaterials scaffolds for controlling stem cell differentiation

  Faculty Contact Home Institute Faculty Rank
Anthony Chan Anthony_Chan@bcit.ca British Columbia Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering, School of Health Sciences Program Head and Faculty Member
Bruno Jaggi bjaggi@bme.ubc.ca Simon Fraser University and LivSpek Medical Technologies Inc. Adjunct Professor and Engineering Advisor