MEng Program

The Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) is a program of study suited to students who wish to pursue their biomedical engineering education beyond the undergraduate level but do not wish to pursue a thesis-based research program.  The M.Eng. program takes about 12-16 months to complete if pursued on a full-time basis.

This policy and procedure page is intended for students already registered in the program. If you are prospective student considering applying to the Master of Engineering Program in Biomedical Engineering please visit our Master of Engineering applications page.

Advising inquiries can be directed to the contact us form.

Starting Your Degree

Review Student Responsibilities

It is very important that you familiarize yourself with UBC’s policies on academic honesty, intellectual property, and registration. Please review UBC’s Graduate and Post Graduate Studies Student Responsibilities at the very beginning of your degree.

Choose Between Full-time and Part-time Before You Start Your Program

The typical completion time for the M.Eng. degree is 12-16 months if pursued on a full-time basis. M.Eng. degree candidates registered as full-time students are required to spend at least one winter session at the University. Only candidates who are Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada can also complete the M.Eng. on a part-time basis, and can register as part-time students by submitting a request to the contact us form before their program start date. Please note that we are unable to change a program back to full time once a program has started. In either case, the program must be completed within 5 years of initial registration.

Engineering Co-op

Students may add a Co-op element to their program. This will increase the total completion time but may lead to a project suitable for BMEG 597.  MEng students who are interested in participating in the Engineering Co-op Program must submit their applications directly to the co-op office.

Managing Your Progress

Satisfactory Progress

For Master of Engineering students, the minimum passing grade in any course is 60%. However, only 6 credits of courses with grades in the C to C+ range (60-67%) may be counted towards a master’s program. For all other courses, a minimum of 68% must be obtained.

Unsatisfactory Progress

On the recommendation of the graduate program and the approval of  the Faculty of Applied Science (for MEng students), the student may repeat a course for higher standing or take an alternate course.  When repeating a failed required course, a minimum mark of 74% must be obtained.  Higher minimum grades may be required.

If the graduate program does not make such a recommendation, or if the recommendation is not approved by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies or Faculty of Applied Science, the student may be required to withdraw.  A student who obtains a grade of less than 68% in an excessive number of courses will normally be required to withdraw.  The student will be informed of unsatisfactory academic progress in writing before any action regarding withdrawal is taken.

Fail (F) for individual courses is defined as below 60%.  If a course is repeated, both marks will appear on the transcript. The higher mark will be used to determine promotion and in any decision to admit or withdraw a student from the program.  For all other purposes, averages will be calculated using both marks.

Leaves and Extensions

Leave is granted when a student is best advised for personal, health or other reasons to have time completely away from their academic responsibilities.  Leave, not including parental leave or leave to pursue concurrent programs, is limited to one year for Master’s students.

Your first point of contact when applying for leave will be to inform us via the contact us form the dates of your request and the type of leave requested.

Withdrawal and Reinstatement

Students will normally be required to withdraw if they do not make adequate academic progress. When a student is required to withdraw, the academic record will indicate “required to withdraw”.