PhD Rotation Program


The PhD rotation program consists of three two-month laboratory rotations, allowing students a chance to work with different potential supervisors. By the end of the third rotation, students will finalize their thesis supervisor.


Students who take part in the rotation program are required to complete 25 credits of coursework as approved by the Graduate Advisor. Information on course requirements can be found here.


Students must identify (and confirm agreement of) three supervisors for each rotation period. At the end of each lab rotation, rotation students and their rotation supervisor are required to fill out and turn in a PhD Rotation Report to within a week of the end of their rotation

Rotation 1: October 1 – November 30

Report Due: December 7

Rotation 2: January 1 – February 28

Report Due: March 7

Rotation 3: March 1 – April 30.

Report Due: May 7

Finalizing Thesis Supervisor

By the end of their third rotation, students must finalize the commitment of a research supervisor in order to continue to their PhD.