Students wanting to transfer programs should send an email to with their request. A transfer must be approved by their graduate supervisor, the department, and Faculty of Applied Science/Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

Between MASc and MEng

Students must send an official request to the program office with the requested date of transfer (must be the first day of term – September, January, or May)

The department will request confirmation from your supervisor that she/he is in support of transferring credits to the new program. Transferable credits will be assessed at time of transfer request.

Note that only courses with a minimum of B standing (74% at UBC) will be considered for transfer.

Note: BMEG 597 typically cannot be used for credit unless the project was substantially different from the proposed thesis.

MASc to PhD

Normally, Students who wish to transfer from a Master’s program to a PhD program must have

  • Completed one year of study in the Master’s program
  • Completion of minimum 18 credits* for MASc coursework
    • Of this coursework
      • Minimum 80% average in 12 credits
      • at least 12 of these credits must be at the 500 level or above
      • at least 9 credits must be at 80% or above
      • all grades above 68%
      • No seminars can be used towards this requirement
    • successful completion of a PhD Comprehensive Exam
    • the student must also show clear evidence of research ability.

*BMEG 599 thesis cannot be used for credit towards any MASC to PHD transfer program requirements.

Normally transfer directly into a PhD program should be accomplished after the first year of study. Will not be permitted after the completion of the second year in a Master’s program. Transfers may not be retroactive. The transfer must be clearly justified by the student’s supervisor in a memorandum to Graduate Studies recommending the transfer.

Conditions after transfer

  • Completion of remaining coursework required for advancement to candidacy either (a) 24 months from start of registration in MASC program or (b) at least 4 months after transfer, whichever is later.
  • If a student transfers from a Master’s program to a PhD program without completing the Master’s degree, the commencement of the PhD program will be from the date of first registration in the Master’s program.

Further information on transferring to a PhD program is available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

PhD to MASc/MEng

Transfers from PhD to a Master’s program should not be for academic reasons, but rather must be justified on the appropriateness of a student’s personal or professional goals.

Between Departments

Students requesting a transfer to or from another department should discuss it with their supervisor and review the G+PS policies at