Student Profiles


Felipe Eltit, PhD ’19

“I feel my work can have a much larger impact on health care, by providing knowledge or solutions that are available to everyone.” Learn more about Felipe’s journey through his PhD.

Soojin Lee, PhD ’19

“Meeting and interacting with participants [with Parkinson’s disease] have been some of the greatest moments I’ve had, as they have elevated my motivation and desire to identify promising treatments for them.” Learn more about Soojin’s experience pursuing a PhD in SBME.

Claire da Roza , MEng ’16

“After graduating with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and working for several years in the field, I realized that I was unhappy and that my dream job would have to touch on the biological sciences in some way. I recognized that I needed more exposure to the field of biomedical engineering before I’d get hired anywhere, and so I felt like a graduate degree would offer me the best opportunity to learn about the different sub-fields of biomedical engineering and also to put me in contact with a network of relevant people.”

Michael Cancilla, MEng ’13

“I wanted to specialize the content I learned in my undergrad. I felt like I had some general knowledge but had extra interest in medicine and a graduate degree was needed to specialize my experience. It was also a reason to move to the west coast and enjoy the wonderful opportunities which exist here to get into the outdoors.”


Katherine MacDonald

“I was attracted to the Biomedical Engineering program at UBC for the opportunity to pursue multi-disciplinary research. In my research project, I am co-supervised by a bioprocess engineer and an immunologist.” Learn more about why Katherine is pursuing a PhD in SBME.

Matthew Hickey

“For a time, I struggled on what to do after my undergraduate degree. Through my cooperative education terms, I realized that instead of being an employee I wanted to one day be an employer. Pursuing a graduate degree opens a door of possibilities to that future.” Learn more about why Matthew is pursuing a PhD in SBME.

Hooman Esfandiari

“Improving people’s quality of life and observing the first-hand impact of my work in the real world has been my strongest motivations in graduate school. This, along with my deep passion for learning and being in an interdisciplinary environment where I can be exposed to new ideas, motivated me to pursue a graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering.” Learn more about why Hooman is pursuing a PhD in SBME.

Anoosha Pai S

“Working in a Research and Development sector has always been my career goal. I did my undergrad in Mechanical Engineering, but I wanted something more interdisciplinary and comprehensive, and the field of biomechanics particularly appealed to me. A graduate degree in my desired field of specialization was a much-needed breakthrough to acquaint myself with the necessary knowledge and skillsets. So, a research-based master’s program was my best option to chase my academic and professional interests.” Learn more about why Anoosha is pursuing a MASc in SBME.

Priye Iworima

“One of my long-term goals is to build a start-up company that specializes in the large-scale production of stem cell-derived insulin-secreting cells, and later, other stem cell-derived cell types.” Priye, a PhD student in SBME, has received the 2018 BC MEDTECH Graduate Award in Biomedical Engineering.