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SBME Remote Learning

Thanks to the hard work of faculty and staff across UBC and SBME, Fall 2020 will be an academic experience that is full, broad and invaluable. The current necessities have their drawbacks, but they have plenty of opportunities as well.

Check out all the resources and tips below to help you make the most of them.

Welcome Message From Peter Zandstra

Dear SBME Community

In tandem with engineering units in the UBC Faculty of Applied Science, and under the guidance of provincial health leaders, the Faculty and Staff of the SBME have been hard at work making the Fall 2020 Semester a full and complete education experience.

Our course catalogue is proceeding on time and in full but in new iterations that will accommodate the remote learning paradigm. This fall, you can take your courses from anywhere in the world, and we’ll continue to gather and provide resources like the ones below to help keep you moving toward your academic goals.

The importance of hands-on experience in education cannot be overstated, but the way we have structured online learning will guarantee that new and returning students receive a high-quality semester that keeps them engaged, curious and ready to expand their knowledge across all aspects of Biomedical Engineering.

Throughout the semester, remember to always check back on our website for the most recent updates and changes regarding return to classes and research. And don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on opportunities for participation, seminars and workshops.

To all Faculty and staff who have made the coming semester possible for our students, thank you for your dedication.

Welcome back to the SBME! I look forward to the year ahead.

Peter Zandstra PhD, FRSC, PEng
Canada Research Chair in Stem Cell Engineering
Director and Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering
Director and Professor, Michael Smith Laboratories

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Making the most of Zoom

Every classroom—especially a virtual one—can put pressure on students. We want to ensure that everyone has what they need to relieve some of that stress, while getting the most out of the Zoom learning experience. Be sure to read and follow SBME’s virtual classroom guidelines and check out more resources and tips below.

Resources and Tips

Remote Learning Resources

Like Slack, Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one platform for team collaboration. From video and messaging with your classmates and project groups to a suite of sharing and project management tools, it has everything you need for the year. Best of all, UBC is providing it free to all students with 20GB of storage. 

Download MS Teams

Manage all of your files and projects in one, easy-to-use location. OneDrive integrates seamlessly with Teams, so that you can share all of your documents and presentations directly with your team, and since it's all synced to the cloud, you can access it anywhere, on any device.

Get Started With OneDrive

Enrolment Services has implemented a laptop loan and technology bursary program so that everyone can share in the remote learning experience without worrying about equipment. Awards are granted on a per person basis. For more information:

Contact Enrolment Services

Write Away is an online service that provides free writing reviews for all UBC students. Submit essays and assignments for feedback up to 3 times before handing them in.

Write Away

The Office of the Ombudsperson for Students works with UBC community members to ensure students are treated fairly and can learn, work and live in a fair, equitable and respectful environment. If you're having any issues at all, do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact Ombudsperson Office

Health and wellness are paramount to a fulfilling academic experience. Never suffer in silence and know that there are plenty of resources to help get you through. If you have any questions at all about managing your mental and physical health, the Wellness Centre has you covered.

Wellness Centre

Just because you're learning from home, doesn't mean you can't be active. UBC Rec has a wealth of information and resources on how to get up and active in your own space. They host live movement sessions, at-home workouts, nutrition info and more.

UBC Active at Home

The Chapman Learning Commons online assistants are ready and excited to answer all your questions about UBC's academic support and learning technologies (such as Canvas, Collaborate Ultra, Zoom, and more). UBC library gives you access to licensed electronic resources such as ebooks, journal articles, databases, and multimedia. All you need is your CWL. Chat live with library staff most weekdays some weekends.

Chapman Learning Commons

Tips for Remote Learning

UBC has put together a new website as a touch-point for remote learning. The Keep Learning site compiles resources to help you set up, learn effectively online, understand the technologies used at UBC, take care of yourself, answer questions, and get support where and when you need it. It's also a place to share your own online learning experiences so that these resources can be improved.

UBC Keep Learning

This three-page guide, put together by UBC HR, is your one-stop-shop for making a home-workspace that works for you, helps you stay comfortable, and keeps you connected.


"Working or studying at home is awesome! But most of us are not used to it … I find that when working from home the biggest obstacle to productivity is myself." Check out this great blog post from the Chapman Learning Commons on building great remote work and study habits.

Read More

Instructors across UBC are deploying a series of tools to make your fall semester an amazing learning experience. Learn more about the four tools you'll most likely be using this year.

Canvas | Collaborate Ultra | Zoom | Proctorio

This one's important. Maybe the most important. Distance learning can create isolation challenges that many of us have never had to deal with before. Physical activity, mindfulness, and connecting with friends are effective ways to make sure you're happy, fulfilled and learning at your best. This list of UBC wellness resources will help get you started:

Self Care Resources

UBC Blogs and Wikis provide you new ways to submit projects, collaborate and build an academic portfolio. You can also create a course wiki of shareable resources. Get started here:

Blogs | Wiki

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