The Engineering Co-Operative Education program provides an excellent opportunity for students to gain practical hands-on industrial experience to complement their formal engineering studies.

The periods of industrial experience will extend the duration of your engineering studies by one year. This time is well spent. Among the many positive outcomes of participation in the Co-op program are that it:

  • Teaches you how to work effectively in the working world;
  • Helps you decide on your future career objectives;
  • Gives meaning and context to your academic studies;
  • Makes introductions to potential future employers;
  • Provides an income that helps pay for university study costs;
  • Creates a work record that is attractive to potential employers

Co-op students normally take eight academic semesters and five work semesters over a five-year period.

Co-op Schedule

Year 1Study 1Study 2Vacation
Year 2Study 3Study 4Work 1
4 months
Year 3Study 5Study 6Work 2
4 months
Year 4Work 3
4 months
Work 4
4 months
Work 5
4 months
Year 5Study 7Study 8

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