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Our roster of top-tier research faculty covers a broad spectrum of the biomedical engineering field from regenerative medicine to imaging and computational biology to implantable sensing technology to track patient health and outcomes. The goal is zoomed-in, individualized medicine, and it starts here. 

Multiply Your
Research Investment

Working with the SBME gives you the chance to multiply your research investment through access to government match-funding and tax incentives. You can also leverage government funding to help develop your future employees, and make the most of your endeavors through UBC’s flexible IP policies.  

Engage with our cross-disciplinary
Research Excellence Clusters

As a field at the nexus of multiple scientific disciplines, facilitating cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional research is one of the things we do best. We are home to three of UBC’s research excellence clusters, which are multi-institutional networks of researchers who collectively represent the leadership of a given field. Check it out here.


BCRegMed was designed to make BC a premier destination for the discovery, development and implementation of cellular and regenerative medicine therapies and technologies.


The BMIAI Cluster aims to deepen our understanding of how molecular, cellular and tissue structure relate to normal and diseased tissue function.


The Bionics Network brings experts in engineering and biomedical areas together with end users to develop the next generation of materials and devices that can be integrated safely long-term with the body.

SBME Innovation Hub

Participate as a developing venture or a program supporter! Our fully-equipped wet lab space offers a foundation for early-stage BME ventures. From bench to shelf or bench to bed, this space is designed to help start-ups become competitive in the market and secure funding or commercial partnerships.

Access Our Core Facilites

Need access to specialized facilities to complete your research or explore a new initiative in the lab? From genotying to antibody production, we’ve got you covered.


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Danielle Walker

Partnerships Manager
School of Biomedical Engineering