Talent Engagement

The Next Generation
Of Biomedical Engineers

They will shape the future of medicine.
And they’re ready to help create solutions to your problems.

Co-op and Internships

The future of medicine belongs to the next wave of biomedical engineers. Work directly with potential hires through SBME co-op placements and internships.

Tackle your organization’s toughest challenges

SBME offers design project programs that give you the opportunity to meet your pressing challenges, develop new products, get new insights on your market space and more. From Capstone projects to our Engineers in Scrubs program, there is always a path to innovation and our students are excited to help you find it.

Capstone Design Projects

The best capstone projects rise from real-world data, challenges and advancements. This 8-month program gives you a dedicated team of students who are ready to help your company move forward.

Engineers in Scrubs

The first of its kind in Canada, the Engineers in Scrubs program teaches biomedical engineers to navigate the interfaces between engineering research, medical research, clinical practice, and product development. We are training grad students to be leaders in medical innovation in collaboration with hospital partners.

Support Students in our PhD Rotation Program

One of the few offerings of its kind in Canada, the SBME PhD Rotation Program is a unique opportunity for students to meet, work with, and gain experience from multiple researchers across disciplines in the Biomedical Engineering space. Connect with us to sponsor a student on their journey through PhD rotation.


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Danielle Walker

Partnerships Manager
School of Biomedical Engineering