Adjunct Professor


Dr. Robert Judson is a Senior Scientist at STEMCELL Technologies and is an expert in the translation and commercialization of basic research, including hands-on experience overseeing patent-to-product development in a biotech R&D setting. His current research focus is in pluripotent stem cell biology and mechanisms controlling mesodermal differentiation in vitro.

Robert’s scientific background is in lysine-methyltransferase biochemistry, cell signalling and stem cell biology with a translational twist. This includes a particularly deep knowledge of the skeletal muscle system as well as technologies such as sequencing, drug screening assays, transgenics, cell culture media development and utilizing hiPSCs to model human diseases in a dish.

Robert Judson has published papers on a variety of topics in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine and enjoys teaching on a number of graduate programs. He is particularly passionate about Canadian innovation and technology, and is an advocate of synergy between government, academia and the tech-industry to tackle modern-day health care problems. This has led to a track record of facilitating innovation through academic-industry enterprises.