Professor, Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences


Other Affiliation: Cellular & Physiological Sciences


Research Interests:

The focus of Dr. Kieffer’s research is the development of novel gene and cell therapies for diabetes.  Research in the laboratory spans molecular to cellular to whole organism, using model cell lines, differentiated stem cells, zebrafish and genetically engineered rodents. They utilize tissue-specific knockdown or reintroduction of genes, cell transplant and surgical manipulations to address the role of hormone actions in a site-specific manner. Members of the Kieffer laboratory access advanced equipment for high-throughput analyses of cellular function and pathways, for animal imaging, and for metabolic phenotyping.  Through strong networks of collaborators including basic scientists and clinicians, they have assembled and led multidisciplinary teams and effectively engaged researchers across Canada and around the world to support their research.  The Kieffer laboratory also actively collaborates with industry, including small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies, as they strive to translate their findings to the clinical setting.

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