Professor, Orthopaedics
Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Oxland is interested in the biomechanics of musculoskeletal problems and particularly in the physical aspects of injuries to the spinal cord. He is presently studying the mechanisms of spinal cord injury, developing more information about how different types of injuries can lead to different types of spinal cord damage. If the mechanism of injury is found to be important, then treatments could be tailored to specific injuries, allowing for a more focused approach and potentially improving the treatment outcomes for the patient. Other areas of interest include investigating: the bone-implant interface in the aging spinal column, the efficacy of long term implant constructs, and challenges in the surgical treatment of adult spinal deformity. Furthermore, Dr. Oxland’s research group has investigated many biomechanical aspects of orthopaedic implant behaviour over the years, including hip and knee joint replacement devices, fracture fixation implants, and devices used in the spine.Recent research in this area has addressed some design aspects of total ankle replacement implants.

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