Research Day 2021: Trainee Poster Session submissions

We will be conducting the poster/social sessions using an online platform called Gather.Town. In Gather.Town, participants move around a 2D world with 8-bit graphics, walking around a conference space by moving their avatar with their keyboard’s arrow keys. The poster session will take place in dedicated rooms organized in a grid similar to an in-person conference.

If you are a SBME trainee and have submitted an abstract for the poster session, please check your inboxes for an email from Carmen de Hoog that contains detailed instructions on how to interact with Gather.Town on the two Research Days and upload the two files for your posters. The deadline to upload your posters is 23:59 Pacific Time on Friday, March 5th. If you do not upload your posters following the correct criteria (as outlined in the aforementioned email) by the deadline, the judging panel may not consider your poster for the selecting the final winners.

Submit here:

Formatting requirements:

  • Poster file
    • PNG format
    • YourLastName_YourFirstName_poster (e.g. Lovegood_Luna_poster)
    • Minimum width: 1000px (26.46cm)
      Minimum height: 600px (15.88cm)
    • Maximum file size is 3MB
    • No transparent background
  • “Thumbnail” file
    • PNG format
    • YourLastName_YourFirstName_preview (e.g. Lovegood_Luna_preview)
    • should be a smaller copy of the main poster file
      (recommended width and height: half of that of the main poster file)