Our faculty works in a wide range of areas, conducting research in programs ranging from fundamental understanding to translational work.

They are located at the School of Biomedical Engineering, various Faculties across UBC (including Applied Science, Medicine, and Science), and health care institutions across Vancouver. In addition, there are a number of leading research centres at UBC contributing to Biomedical Engineering research, including:

Cross-disciplinary and multi-institutional research is a key component of the work taking place.

Research Areas

Current areas of focus include:

  • Imaging, modeling, simulation and guided interventions
  • BioMEMS and bio-optics
  • Musculoskeletal biomechanics, injury, disease and restorative treatments
  • Rehabilitative and assistive technologies and human-environment interactions
  • Physiological modeling and control

More recently we are building capacity to increase research opportunities in areas of global importance including molecular and cellular engineering and synthetic biology, genomics and nano-devices, immune-engineering and advanced biomaterials, regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence and simulation systems with biomedical application, visualization and imaging from nanomolecular to physiological scales.

Excellence Clusters

The school is involved in a couple of cluster of research excellence programs, which are inter-departmental networks of researchers at UBC who collectively represent leaders in a particular field of study. Currently these include: