SBME Collaborative Seed Grant

The School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) collaborative seed grant will foster new joint projects within the SBME to enable future external funding applications. Successful projects will be cross-disciplinary and be co-led by at least one SBME faculty member (core, joint and associate). The co-leads must be members of different Faculties (ie. the Faculty of Applied Science and the Faculty of Medicine). Funds can only be held by SBME faculty members.

Applications will be evaluated by the SBME Research Awards Committee, with evaluation based on scientific merit, innovation and novelty. Each award will be for $50,000/year for 1 year.

The full application is due by August 19th, 2019. Notice of decision will be sent within 30 business days.

Please submit your full application using the form below. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. The application package includes:

  • The applicant information form,
  • Upload the project proposal (please use 11 point font with 2cm margins), including:
    • 2 page project description with the following sections:
      1. Background and innovation
      2. Hypothesis and aims
      3. Work plan
      4. Need for collaboration
    • 1 page of references
    • 1 page of tables/figures
  • Budget sheet – detail and justification provided using the attached Excel spreadsheet SBME – Collaborative Seed Grant – Budget Template (please note that travel and publication costs are ineligible), and
  • A Common CV in the CIHR Project Biosketch version for each co-lead – combined into one file for upload.

Please contact the Payam Zahedi ( with any questions.