SBME Postdoctoral Fellowship Award

School of Biomedical Engineering Postdoctoral Fellowship Award


The School of Biomedical Engineering (SBME) Postdoctoral Fellowship Award will support outstanding postdoctoral fellows.

To apply, the postdoctoral fellow’s supervisor must currently be appointed as SBME core/joint faculty. The successful candidate will be expected to be appointed through the SBME by the time the award is held and be within 12 months of receiving their PhD. Applications will be evaluated on scientific merit and innovation.

Each award will be for $50,000/year for a maximum of 3 years. Year 2 and 3 funding will be contingent on 1) progress in the previous year, and 2) application for external awards within the first year of the SBME Postdoc Grant (MSFHR, NSERC, CIHR etc).

Please submit the full application package in the form below by November 15, 2018. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted. The application package includes:

  • The online application form with:
  • Upload the application materials in 1 PDF (please use 11 point font with 2cm margins):
    • 1 page research plan
      1. Background
      2. Hypothesis and aims
      3. Experimental approach
      4. BME Innovation
    • 1 page career plans and contribution to biomedical engineering
    • 1 page maximum of references
    • 1 page of tables/figures
  • A short CV, in the Common CV – CIHR Project Biosketch format
  • Letters of support on official letter head from:
    1. Current or proposed postdoctoral supervisor, and
    2. PhD supervisor

Letters should be emailed directly from the sponsors to

Please contact the SBME Research Manager, Nicole Rosin (, with any questions.


SBME Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant - Application Form

  • Select all that apply
  • Please upload the following together in one PDF file: 1) 1 page research plan (Background, Hypothesis and aims, Experimental approach, and BME Innovation), 2) 1 page career plan and contribution to Biomedical Engineering, 3) 1 page references, and 4) 1 page tables/figures. Please use 11 point font with 2cm margins.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please upload your Common CV - CIHR Project Biosketch version.
    Accepted file types: pdf.