Research Themes


Our faculty works in a wide range of areas, conducting research in programs ranging from fundamental understanding to translational work.


Current areas of focus fall into 3 main research themes:

  1. Cellular & Molecular Engineering
    1. Regenerative medicine
    2. Synthetic biology
    3. Immune-engineering
  2. Imaging & Computational Biology
    1. AI & multiscale imaging
    2. Bioinformatics/systems biology
    3. Computational modeling & automation
  3. Human Interfacing Devices
    1. Therapeutic delivery systems & nanodevices
    2. Bionics & bio-sensors
    3. Biomaterials
    4. Biomechanics/Injury prevention

More recently we are building capacity to increase research opportunities in areas of global importance including molecular and cellular engineering and synthetic biology, genomics and nano-devices, immune-engineering and advanced biomaterials, regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence and simulation systems with biomedical application, visualization and imaging from nanomolecular to physiological scales.