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We offer more than just MEng, MASc, and PhD programs for trainees wishing to further their degrees. Our extended programming gets you hands-on experience in the field, working alongside leaders in BME, and setting you up for a career of impact that will help shape the future of health and healthcare for all.

Enhance your degree. Make an impact.

Biomedical Engineering is one of those rare disciplines in which you can make an impact right now, and for the future. It’s a field where entrepreneurialism, problem solving, forward thinking and creativity are encouraged and rewarded. SBME offers degree enhancement programs that put you in the professional world, working alongside top researchers, hospital partners, clinicians, BME companies, and more. It’s your chance to get hands-on experience while expanding your network so that you have a career ready and waiting for you on the other side of graduation.

PhD Rotation

One of the few offerings of its kind in Canada, the SBME PhD Rotation Program is a unique opportunity for students to meet, work with, and gain experience from multiple researchers across disciplines in the Biomedical Engineering space.

It’s your chance to broaden both your skill set and your network.

Engineers in Scrubs

The first of its kind in Canada, the Engineers in Scrubs program teaches you to navigate the interfaces between engineering research, medical research, clinical practice, and product development. We train you to be a leader in medical innovation.

Graduate Programs

SBME offers three graduate degrees:
Master of Applied Science (MASc)
Master of Engineering (MEng)
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Learn all about them here.

SBME Research Themes

Biomedical Engineers are taught to view the human body as an engineered system. SBME groups advancements and research across scales based on this view into the following three themes.

Cellular & Molecular Engineering

This area covers disciplines like Regenerative Medicine, Synthetic Biology, and Immune Engineering.

Imagine being prescribed a cell instead of a drug. Or being able to take a person’s immune system and essentially teach it to be stronger, fitter. This is a true foundation for personalized medicine. It starts here.

Data & Computational Biology

This research theme is the intersection of biology and data. It includes AI, Bioinformatics, Systems biology, Computational Modeling & Automation.

There is no shortage of data in this world. Here is where that data goes to work, solving the challenges of medicine using powerful digital tools.

Human Interfacing Devices

This theme takes us to the frontier of MedTech, from Therapeutic Delivery Systems and Nanodevices, to Bionics and Bio-Sensors to Biomechanics and Injury Prevention.

Understanding how the body works gives us opportunities to help it work. This theme is where we get to make technology speak to biology.

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