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The key to changing health and healthcare for everyone lies in a collective, coordinated and convergent effort. Innovation only happens in collaboration, and we are creating paths to collaboration through partnerships with industry, government, academia, not-for-profits, research institutes, and beyond.

We are a community umbrella for translational medicine.

Come be a part of it.

Ways to get involved

We’re here to transform health and healthcare for all. If you are too, then check out the all the ways in which we can work together. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, reach out so we can build a new way to partner.

Research and Innovation

Our researchers and trainees are world-class.

With access to cutting-edge technology, talent, government funding, and institutional and hospital partners, we offer a wide array of opportunities to collaborate and contribute.

The new Biomedical Engineers

Meet and work with the future of BME

Let’s build co-ops, internships, capstone project initiatives and innovative programming. These opportunities give industry partners the chance to solve current problems, develop new products, and meet high-potential job candidates.


Help us expand the conversation

Come be a part of our growing suite of workshops, podcast, seminars, and networking events, including our 300+ attendee Annual Symposium featuring local and international research and industry leaders in the BME space.

More Ways to Collaborate

Capstone Projects

The best capstone projects rise from real-world data, challenges and advancements. This 8-month program gives you a dedicated team of students who are ready to help your company move forward.

Engineers in Scrubs

The first program of its kind in Canada, we are training grad students to be leaders in medical innovation in collaboration with hospital partners. They get hands-on with leading clinicians.

Rotation Program

The SBME PhD Rotation Program is a unique opportunity for students to meet, work with, and gain experience from multiple researchers in the BME space. And you can help support them.

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Get in touch with our partnerships team with all of your questions. We’re excited to hear from you

Raquel De Souza

Partnerships Manager
School of Biomedical Engineering