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Conflict Resolution: Respect, React, Respond and Resolve Conflict

TOPICS: Whether in the workplace or your day-to-day life, conflict is inevitable. It occurs between individuals who care about a particular matter but have opposing views. As professionals, caring about your team, research, budget, and job prospects is critical to your livelihood. It is understandable that when one encounters opposition, your immediate reaction may be one of anxiety, anger or frustration. Instead of backing away from the conflict, or attacking, this workshop aims to have you engage, strategically! Tools and techniques will be provided on how to control your reaction, get to the root cause of the problem and determine an acceptable solution go forward. To avoid conflict is to fail.
*Limited to 30 participants. If this number has been reached upon your registration, you will be automatically added to the waitlist, and we will notify you.

WHEN: October 5th  12-1pm PT


  • Joanna Shea (The Negotiations Collective, Managing Partner)

New Course Design & Sustainable Teaching Practices

TOPICS: Design of assessments; effective strategies to coordinate TA roles; managing courses with team-based work 

WHEN: October 11th, 1-3pm (In Person only) *new rescheduled date*


  • Warren Code (Interim Director, Skylight (Science Centre for Learning and Teaching)
  • Claudia Krebs (Professor of Teaching, Department of Cellular & Physiological Sciences)

Effective PI-Trainee Relationships

TOPICS: Building a strong student-supervisor relationship



  • Carol Naylor (Director, UBC Centre for Student Involvement and Careers)
  • Michael Hunt (Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Education, FoM)

Building your Leadership style based on your Personal Values

TOPICS: Developing your personal authentic leadership style by discovering your values. This session will prepare you to view subsequent SBME Propels leadership sessions through your own personalized lens, informing how you can apply the concepts conveyed through the sessions to your own leadership style.

WHEN: November 30th   12-1:00pm PT


  • Anne-Marie Sorrenti (Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach; Lecturer at University of Toronto’s Faculty of Engineering)

Creating a Culture

TOPICS: Crafting and sharing a vision

WHEN: January 18th  12-1pm PT


  • Pamela Potts (Starfish Medical, Director of People and Culture)

Controversial/Inflammatory Topics in the Classroom

TOPICS: This session will provide faculty the skills and techniques necessary to facilitate and manage controversial conversations in the classroom. Participants will learn how to recognize the warning signs that learning centred dialogue is at risk and practice the skills required to restore conversational safety. 

WHEN: January 23rd  12-1pm PT


Impostor Syndrome and Perfectionism: Strategies for New Leaders

TOPICS: Practical strategies to help manage impostor feelings so that participants can pursue their career goals with more ease

WHEN: February 7th  12-1pm PT