Welcome to SBME Propels

A new SBME initiative built in partnership with entrepreneurship@UBC and launching in September 2021, SBME PROPELS is an extracurricular series of workshops, seminars and panels for trainees and faculty at UBC’s SBME designed to help you learn the skills you need to translate innovations, build your career, become an effective leader, and create lasting partnerships across the BME space.


Research Partnerships

Learn the processes behind building and maintaining research partnerships as well as their benefits to your career. You’ll also discover all of the world-class supporting resources available to you within UBC.

Who will benefit from this stream?

All faculty and students across SBME

Translating your Innovations

Learn the ins and outs of knowledge translation and commercialization from bench to shelf and bench to bed. Give your innovation the support it needs to make an impact.

Who will benefit from this stream?

All faculty and students across SBME

BME Career Pathing & Professional Skills for Trainees

Discover how to build a fulfilling career in the BME field, and the essential skills required to do it.

Who will benefit from this stream?

All students and postdoctoral fellows across SBME

Leadership for Early-Career Research Faculty

Real leadership is a skill set that you must learn and practice. Discover how to effectively create, lead and grow a culture of innovation, collaboration and excellence. Science is a human endeavour, and great leaders learn to put their people first.

Who will benefit from this stream?

Early-career research faculty

Mark Your Calendars!

SBME Propels will run virtually throughout the 2021-2022 academic year. All four professional development streams will be available in tandem with all sessions taking place at 12-1pm (lunch-and-learn format), on scheduled workshop days.

If you have any questions at all about SBME Propels, reach out!