SBME Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

Multi-scale climate advocacy. Social responsibility. Future-building. Inclusive and collaborative.
Welcome to SBME Sustainability.

Committee Membership 2021-22

Introducing our inaugural Committee!

Jessica Yu (she/her/hers), Chair and Staff Rep 
Abdul Muntakim Rafi, Graduate Student Rep
Adel Yavarinasab
, Graduate Student Rep
Ammar Hatem, Secretary and Undergraduate Student Rep
Calvin Kuo
(he/him/his), Faculty Rep
Carla Zimmerman
(she/her/hers), Staff Rep

Laia Shpeller (she/her/hers), Undergraduate Student Rep
Morten Ritso (he/him/his), Staff Rep

Shaunti Bains, Undergraduate Student Rep


View the SBME Sustainability Committee’s Terms of Reference:


Sustainability at SBME and UBC

The SBME Sustainability Committee aims to elevate and advance ideas, policies, and practices that transform sustainable advocacy into action. We are working to embed ethical, environmental, and social practices within the School. In doing so, the Committee will help to integrate sustainable thinking into daily operations and culture of the SBME.  

SBME is active across the UBC campus in academic and research operations, representing a community with a diverse footprint and ample opportunity for optimizing green efficiency. SBME Sustainability will ensure that we use this opportunity to lead and advocate for a sustainable campus.



SBME Sustainability’s Objectives

The SBME Sustainability Committee will prioritize the following goals:

  • Ensure our sustainability projects align with the UBC Climate Action Plan.
  • Integrate opportunities to learn about and enact sustainability principles within the academic curriculum, in learning and teaching spaces, and in day-to-day operations.
  • Promote opportunities to engage SBME community members in team-based sustainability endeavours.
  • Implement strategies to:
    • reduce energy consumption, water, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions;
    • promote sustainable food, recycling, and purchasing; and
    • encourage greener modes of transportation to and from campus.
  • Gather data on SBME operations to monitor progress on sustainability initiatives and policies.