Apply to be a Teaching Assistant

Application Requirements

Completed applications should be submitted no later than April 30 at 11:59pm. Applications may be accepted after the deadline until all positions are filled but, other considerations being equal, candidates who applied before the deadline will be given preferred status.

Applicants must be full-time students currently registered in a BASc, MEng, or PhD program, or must have been accepted to begin in September (with no provisional acceptance). Students from other degree programs may be considered based on experience and suitability to the program (Cellular & Physiological Sciences students are preferred for BMEG 410/510). Priority for Teaching Assistant appointments will be given to Masters students who have not exceeded two teaching years and to PhD students who have not exceeded five teaching years.

Applicants must have the approval of their Research or Program Supervisor to engage in an employment contract in addition to their academic program. Your supervisor must be made aware of your intent to apply to TA positions and must approve of the total number of hours (especially for students that would like to accept multiple positions).

Be advised that Teaching Assistants at The University of British Columbia (UBC) are represented by the Canadian Union Of Public Employees Local 2278 (CUPE2278) and that a Collective Agreement between UBC and CUPE2278 is in effect. All TAs are required to join the Union as a condition of employment. The collective agreement applies to all TA contracts, and selection of TAs will be done in accordance with the requirements of the Union.

Salaries are based upon CUPE 2278 and UBC rates.

UBC hires on the basis of merit and is committed to employment equity. We encourage all qualified applicants to apply.

Job Duties

Although the precise duties will vary depending on the course for which an offer/appointment is made, in general TAs can expect to perform the following duties:

  • Laboratory Assistance – providing instruction, guidance, and supervision for laboratory experiments, maintaining a safe and professional laboratory, assisting students with troubleshooting equipment, ensuring laboratory equipment and supplies are used appropriately and put away at the end of each session, marking of laboratory reports.
  • Tutorial Assistance – assisting in or leading tutorial sessions, marking of assignments, preparing written solutions, reviewing of assignments with undergraduates.
  • Marking – marking of assignments.
  • Invigilation of Exams (Mandatory) – is required. All TAs must be available for the full exam period of the term in which they are hired as a TA. TAs may be assigned to invigilate course(s) other those for which they TA.
  • Training (Mandatory) – New TAs and returning TAs must participate in the TA training program and safety orientation. The training is designed to help ensure that TAs are as successful as possible in their roles and properly oriented to our teaching labs/spaces. More information on training will be provided with your offer letter.


Course descriptions can be found on the UBC Calendar.

Remuneration is at the standard hourly TA rates agreed upon with the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 2278 (CUPE 2278). The expected number of hours is approximately:

BMEG 101 72h for each of two TAs over one term
BMEG 102 72h for each of two TAs over one term
BMEG 201 42h for each of three TAs over one term
BMEG 210 72h for each of two TA over one term
BMEG 220 60h for each of three TAs over one term
BMEG 230 96h for each of two TAs over one term
BMEG 245* 72h for each of five TAs over one term
BMEG 250 96h for each of two TAs over one term
BMEG 257 72h for each of four TAs over one term
BMEG 310 96h for one TA over one term
BMEG 357 72h for 3 TAs over one term
BMEG 500/501 85h for each of two TAs over two terms
BMEG 410/510 100h for one TA plus 48h for one TA over one term
BMEG 550 55h for one TA over one term
BMEG 456/556 125h for one TA over one term
BMEG 557 15h for one TA over one term

*BMEG 245 requires experience with: gel electrophoresis, confocal microscopy, and a basic molecular biology technique such as running DNA gel, restriction digestion of plasmid and sequence analysis using online tools and softwares.


Apply Now

We will be accepting applications for 2019W until April 30, 2019 at 11:59pm.

All candidates wishing to be considered for a Teaching Assistant position will need to submit a new application for each course they wish to TA. Although we appreciate the interest of all applicants, only the successful candidates will be contacted with further details during summer (typically June-August).